Collateral Repair Project Yoga Program : East Amman

We have established an ongoing and sustainable Yoga program with urban refugees at the CRP in East Amman.

Urban refugees often fall through the cracks , in terms of advocacy and support. CRP offers a lifeline to many families, who have no source of income, no work, and very poor living conditions. With the support of CRP and their staff we have ongoing classes for men, women and children in the community center in Hashemi Shemali.

The Yoga teachers who volunteer there have all done the YMP Trauma informed Yoga Training, and are equipped and empowered to teach in that context.


The drive to east Amman is very familiar to me, I know the roads and even the short cuts, but when i first started teaching Yoga I didn’t think ill be driving here to teach Yoga.

Classes at the Collateral Repair Project in Amman are my favorite classes of the week… the studio is not your typical Yoga space. Yet the room has a beautiful energy to it.

I anxiously wait for the students to arrive on their mats. The classes are not mixed so we offer twice a week yoga classes. The commitment of the students is inspiring. They just want to learn Yoga, they want to learn how to breath better and how to use these tools they learn in their daily life.

We start by greeting each other, checking on each other, and start sitting and centering. The class is never your typical yoga class, its even better, the energy of these students keep me going in the class not in a very Yang way but in a mindful way, a way the brings comfort to their body, calm to their mind and an easy of breath which will stay with them that day.

I leave the class with only one thought “I am blessed to be teaching this group of people & I hope I am helping them to help themselves and their family around them. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti”

- Rula Wardeh, YMP director and Yoga teacher / trainer


Za'tari and Azraq Refugee camps : Jordan

We have a nascent Yoga program under the auspices and support of the Norwegian Refugee council at Za'tari and Azraq camps.

These camps are home to about 130,000 people in total, mainly from Syria and Iraq. The camps are situated out in the desert in the north of Jordan, not far from the Syrian border. There are high levels of depression, anxiety, stress and ill health in the communities there. There are many NGO’s offering services within the camps, but there is little in the way of psycho social support. The NRC are running some fantastic programs and are supportive of Yoga as a means to improve peoples wellbeing in the camps.

We began in March 2017, and are offering classes to groups of women and men, all of whom are teachers within the camps, and all of whom are refugees. We are focusing on offering them tools for self care initially, and then will develop simple programs that they can share with the children and young adults they work with.

The students welcome learning new techniques that help them mentally and physically. Most of them don’t know what Yoga is, , some others have a simple idea about yoga. .maybe two or three attended yoga class before. After two classes they are starting to realize the benefits of Yoga. The number of students are rising in both men and women classes. I'm so glad to be part of mandala project. Namaste."

- Sameera