International Yoga Day celebrations, Amman , Jordan 2017

You can hear about Yoga, you can read about Yoga and you can watch people do Yoga. But the best way to celebrate Yoga is by practicing Yoga, everyday. 
A wonderful group of dedicated Yogis & Yoginis from our program at the refugee support organisation Collateral Repair Project got the opportunity to take part in the 3rd International Day of Yoga celebration at the historic location in Jordan (The Citadel). It was an experience they enjoyed a lot. This group have been practicing Yoga for over a year, some of them for 2 years and having an opportunity to practice with over 450 people was an amazing wave of energy for them to embrace. 

Sameera is one of our teachers and volunteers for the Yoga Mandala Project in Jordan. She is a Palestinian refugee, and began attending Yoga classes in 2014 at CRP.She felt an immediate connection with Yoga and later was accepted onto a 200hr Yoga Teacher training course. She is a great support to the classes in the refugee community, and volunteers in our camp programs. 

Here sameera describes her experience of the International Yoga day celebrations! 

"Before the big day I called the men and women that attended the Yoga classes at CRP to see if they would like to attend the IYD celebration. They were very glad to be able to join us at this event. Being up at the Citadel,  we feel refreshed because it is an outdoor event. Gorgeous practice with great teacher's. I felt they came to tell the others about their experience of being a refugee and how Yoga has helped them. I'm really happy to see all of them doing the practice with Ahimsa ( do no harm) ..They just go with the flow ...Very gentle



Bella Hancock