Trauma Informed Yoga Training

with The Yoga Mandala Project


Trauma has always been part of the human experience, not only for refugees. Most of us live through varying degrees of traumatic experience.

We are beginning to understand the role that trauma has in seeding future traumatic experiences and how to shift away from passing the trauma on to future generations. 

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Why Trauma Informed Yoga?

Supporting people with trauma is a core benefit of the practice and wisdom of Yoga.

Dr Bessel van der Kolk, trauma and bodywork expert, says ”PTSD is a disease of not being able to be present”

This is very much on a physiological level- dissociation and inappropriate activation of fight or flight response. The body and its responses become ‘stuck’ in the past experience, even when the mind seems to have left that experience behind. Yoga can help people to relearn to inhabit their bodies. “befriending ones bodily sensations to overcome the imprints of trauma” (David Emerson- Trauma center Boston), as well as rooting us firmly in the physical experience of the present moment .

In this programme we have devised simple appropriate practice, that is trauma informed, addresses stress and anxiety, health considerations, understanding of trauma both from a Yogic perspective and from TRE background, trauma sensitive teaching practice. We aim to support the wellbeing of the refugee community, and to provide training that can be applied in other areas where trauma sensitive teaching Yoga is needed.

Our training is rooted in our experience of teaching Yoga and TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) to Refugees in Amman, Jordan through the Collateral Repair Project and in Greece with Lifting Hands International.

As Yoga teachers, you will receive this training to enhance your understanding of trauma and the effects of PTSD.

Yoga teachers have a responsibility to carry the healing practice out into the world. We can start close by, in our families, our communities, and the circle of hope and positivity grows. As the circle grows, more hands are called to join in lifting spirits and restoring dignity.


What will I learn in this training?

The first thing you will benefit from is that you will be part of a growing Trauma Sensitive Yoga community.
You will learn different techniques of gentle yoga sequences and other yoga relaxation tools, such as, but not limited to stress release, pranayama, Yoga Nidra, therapeutic adaptations and TRE (Trauma Release Exercises).


Our Four Day Training Includes:

- An introduction to TRE
- Creating safe and simple asana sequences
- Adapting asana for thrapeutic benefits
- Therapeutic use of pranayama
- Yoga nidra and relaxation techniques
- Stress management
- The physical and physiological effects of trauma
- Trauma in relation to the chakras and koshas
- Trauma sensitive teaching skills.
- Envisioning your use of skills aquired during the training
- Self-care when working with traumatised peoples

We hold regular Trauma informed Yoga trainings in Europe and the Middle East.


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From one of our students...

"The past four days have been a blessing unfolding before my eyes. I have had a burning inner desire to share trauma sensitive yoga with the refugee population over the past two years.

I have been digging and digging to find materials, information, trainings, anything on this specific focus... I am so grateful to have been connected with the Yoga Mandala Project - supporting refugees with Yoga.

These women have become my teachers, my mentors, my source of inspiration. Bella, Susan, Claire, and Rula, beautifully embody karuna, "compassion in action".

I have had the motto of “compassionate action” since completing my teacher training, and these women demonstrate it beautifully and organically.

They have shown me the possibility of caring for the world, while also nurturing my own self.

The past four days have been spent experiencing the teachings, diving into my own heart, reflecting on the past 15 months of full-time volunteer service, dreaming of the possibilities that lie ahead.

I leave the training feeling firmly rooted in the practice, embraced in community, and inspired to share these teachings with those escaping war, as well as those serving them." 

 Molly N. - Lifting Hands International 


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