The Yoga Mandala Project was initiated in 2014, during a visit to volunteer with Collateral Repair Project, a community based, grassroots organization supporting urban refugees in Amman, Jordan. 


We spent several weeks there, teaching Yoga and dance to women, men and children, and were amazed and encouraged by how quickly people responded to Yoga as a self help tool to manage the stress of their situation as refugees.


Those who attended the classes reported that they felt better physically, emotionally, mentally and noticed improved sleep, more relaxation, less anxiety, more resilience and that health issues began to be alleviated.


People said they found ‘comfort’, a feeling of ‘safety’ and ‘peace’.  They were very keen to continue!

We began to see the need to bring more teachers into the project, and to create sustainable programs in cooperation with partner organisations.  We began to look at ways to build a program that would best serve the needs of the communities we were working with.


After some stops and starts, we found that it made best sense to work alongside local Yoga teachers, bringing them on board, and offering them training in trauma informed protocol, teaching and practice. 

We found that there were many teachers wanting to volunteer, to offer what skills they had to support people in this crisis, but that there was a need for consistency, understanding of trauma, PTSD and effects, and skills that would empower and support teachers going into refugee communities.

We began to offer these training programs to teachers, offering them for free, or on a donation basis, and in return asked that people would make a commitment to offer either some time volunteer teaching, or serving in some other way, such as making a donation, organizing a fundraiser or offering Yoga support to other volunteers.


These trainings have enabled us to establish long-term programs within the refugee communities, and we now have several programs up and running.


A sustainable Mandala was born, and we now have ongoing programs, trainings three times a year for teachers, and self care support for volunteers.

The trainings are supported by donations and are subsidized by the Yoga Mandala Project.

The vision is of a growing global community, dedicated to offering Karuna, compassionate action.


We are eternally grateful for the GENEROSITY shown by all our donors.


The Yoga Mandala Project

The Yoga Mandala Project is completely Non For Profit, and entirely reliant on donations. 

In order for us to run our programs in refugee communities, offer quality training programs, and build sustainability we need regular funding.

We would like to invite you to donate today!

Whatever you can offer, will help bring wellbeing and trauma informed Yoga practice to where it is needed right now.

The people we serve are nearly all suffering from PTSD and related conditions. We have found that Yoga and TRE(Trauma release exercises) gives people simple and effective tools to help them to deal more easily with their everyday reality, their health and wellbeing. Healing communities, one person at a time.

Please consider making a donation today, or sign up to become a monthly donor, any amount helps. Monthly donors will receive our newsletter, letting you know about events, upcoming projects, trainings and how you can get involved. 



The symbol of the Mandala carries within it an essence of what this project is, and how we wish it to grow and manifest in the world. A Mandala is a circle. The circle is the container of all. It contains all elements within the space. It symbolises all of life. A circle shows us wholeness, unity, community. It is complete.

The circle or Mandala is represented in all cultures as a symbol of wholeness. Jung called it " the enclosing circle' signifying protection. For us, the Mandala symbolises feelings and images that align with what we do: 
Mandalas are often created as a group endeavour, in a very specific and accurate manner, with a full ritual; a very focused and dedicated team work. They are often full of colour representing hope and joy in what we do. 

A mandala can take many shapes and colours, which represents the diverse communities and countries we work in. The Yoga Mandala Project is a community. It can contain everything that it needs to. At its center and at its periphery is the Yoga. Within the circle are the refugees, the volunteers, the teachers, the partner organisations. One community building hope and well-being together.

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